ETPP-2 External 2 Point Resistivity Probe

Is your SRM-110 or SRM/RTG too BIG to measure some of your smaller materials?

The new ETPP-2 external probe will allow you to measure samples as small as 3/8" with no loss of measurement accuracy, and a major gain in convenience.

The ETTP-2 Probe allows measurements as small as 3/8" Long and 1/8" Wide.

Probe will not affect normal use of your SRM-110 or SRM/ RTG Combo Meter, simply plug it in when needed, and unplug it when you're finished.

Probe is constructed in the U.S.A. using high quality virgin Teflon inserts and solid brass.  This probe is supplied with 6' long Teflon coaxial cables and an extra set of conductive rubber contact probes.

Note: It is best to order this probe with a new SRM-110 or SRM/RTG meter so that the required modifications to the meter can be made during the manufacturing process.  This is NOT a modification that can be made in the field.  If you wish to purchase the probe to use with an existing meter, that meter must be sent back to Pinion Products Corporation Inc. for modification.  There is no extra charge for this modification as it is included in the price of the probe.