Calibrator for WSST-300 and GST-400


The Pinion/Voyager WSST-CAL is a passive device intended to verify the electrical specifications of the WSST-300 and GST-400. 

Calibration Settings

675K Ohms: 675K +/- 1.0%

825K Ohms: 825K +/- 1%

8.5M Ohms: 8.5M +/- 1.5%

11.5M Ohms: 11.5M +/- 1.5%

80M Ohms: 80 M +/- 4%

120M Ohms: 120 M +/- 4%.

Items included/ Available with WSST-CAL

Test Lead, and Instructions

NIST Calibration with Certificate available per unit.