Surface Resistivity Meter / Resistance to Ground Meter

SRM/RTG Combo Meter

The  Pinion/Voyager SRM-RTG meter is a simple to use, highly repeatable  measuring device for determining surface resistivity of materials  designed for ESD protection, such as bags, mats, foams, coatings, etc,  or, when in the (R)esistance (T)o (G)round mode, measures the resistance  from a work surface to ground.

The SRM-RTG measures from < 10^4 up to >10^12.5 ohms per square.

Comes complete with: Battery charger, carrying case, a spare set of contact probes(SFS-100), and instruction manual.

NIST Calibration with certificate available.

Please note: "Big Feet" (BFS-100) do NOT come standard with the SRM/RTG. They are an optional accessory and must be ordered separately.

Specifications and Manual